2017 Code Laws of Cricket - Middlesex ACO Resources

In October 2017, the MCC released one of the most comprehensive updates to the Laws of Cricket ever. Middlesex ACO, in association with Ealing and District Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers, have produced an extensive resource section within the website to assist with learning the new Laws.

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2018/19 Winter Umpire Courses

We are delighted to announce that we have arranged a number of umpire training courses during the 2018/19 Winter. There are courses for everyone including beginners, umpires wishing to progress and also for those looking for a short introduction to umpiring.

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Middlesex umpire stands in Last Male Standing Rhino Cup in Kenya

Middlesex umpire, Darshak Patel, once again travelled to Kenya to stand in the Last Rhino Cup. Some photos of the competition can be found at the link below.